Global Business

Connections to over 15 countries in North America,Africa,Middle East and Asia.

  • Sourcing
    Global Source
    We source globally to obtain the most premium raw materials.
  • Manufacturing
    US Manufacturing
    All our health supplement products are produced in our self-owned food factory in USA.
  • Distribution
    Global Distribution
    Our products are sold globally.Our customers spread over 15 countries,including Norrth America,Middle East,South East Asia,Africa,China etc.

R&D Core Capability

Our R&D team comprises over 80 people in 3 locations.

Product Development
  • 03
    3 subdivisions under R&D
  • 200+
    Developed over 200 formulations
  • 80+
    Over 80 research specialists
  • 40+
    Over 40 functional foods on shelf
Quality Assurance
First CDMO Manufacturer in Dietary Supplement Industry
  • Made in USA
  • NSF
  • CCOF
  • cGMP
  • ISO 22716
We have more than 10 patents from different countries
  • Patents
  • Certificates
  • JAPAN Patent
  • CHINA Patent
  • US Patent
  • INDIA Patent
  • KOREA Patent
  • US GMP Certifacate-1
  • US GMP Certifacate-2
  • Certificate of Origin
  • HACCP Certificate
  • HALAL Certificate-1
  • HALAL Certificate-2

Contract Manufacturing

We engage in highly-selective and strategic contract manufacturing opportunities of health and beauty products for our clients in globally-regulated and semi-regulated markets, services including: private labeling, custom formulation, finishing & packing. We have developed a variety of applications and leverage product innovation to drive sales in existing and adjacent markets.

OEM Flow Chart
  • STEP 1
    Market Demand
  • STEP 2
    Formulation Development(1-2 Months)
  • STEP 3
    Sample Confirmation
  • STEP 4
    Quality Control
  • STEP 5
    Packaging Design
  • STEP 6
    Material Sourcing (1-1.5 Months)
  • STEP 7
    Production and Quality Assurance(3 Weeks)
  • STEP 8
    Registration Support
  • STEP 9
    Global Logistic
Dosage Form


Manufacturing Capacity
USA Manufacturing Site
Dosage Form USA Production Capacity / shift First Order Quantity
Capsules 700,000 capsules 300,000 capsules
Soft Gels 120,000 capsules 720,000 capsules
Tablets 550,000 tablets 300,000 tablets
Bottle Filling 10,000 bottles 5,000 bottles
Sachet Filling 100,000 sachets 50,000 sachets


With over 200 health supplement formulations, there are 40+ products active on the market.

  • NMN in multiple dosage
  • Functional Coffee Sachet
    Functional Beverage
  • Tea with Natural Herbs Sachet
    Cardiovascula Health
  • Probiotics Sachet
    Digestive Health
  • Co Enzyme Q10 Capsule
    Cardiovascula Health
  • Cream, Cleanser & Toner
    Skin Care
  • Youth Ever Jelly
    Skin Care
  • Detoxilive Soft Gel
    Cardiovascula Health


Vision:Brighter Life Better Future

Mission: Improving customers’ quality of life by bringing our effective products in the most convenient way.

Values: Trust, Better, Respect, Care

Establishment in 2008
Founded in Los Angeles, BF Suma specializes in the sales and marketing of health food and dietary supplements. Believing in the health benefits primitively available in nature, BF SUMA stands for Bright Future, the Superior, Unique Manufacturer of America. We are proud to develop an innovative range of health and wellness products to share our expertise in healthcare industry.
Dedication to Quality.
Our products are available exclusively through distributors who provide comprehensive solutions to their customers’ nutrition and wellness goals.
Exceeding Regulatory Standards.
Scalable in-house manufacturing with three state-of-the-art facilities in United States and Hong Kong with cGMP / NSF/ HACCP / HALAL certified.
Leveraging Innovation and Technology
BF Suma also provides the high quality one stop solution to all the business partners help them design make and deliver the products all over the world.

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We not only focus on the production but also on the quality of our service.

We will be involved to meet your requirement till satisfaction.


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